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At TEDxIITGuwahati, we invite speakers from a myriad of backgrounds to share their innovations, struggles and thereby to encourage the audience towards a better, fuller and a sustainable society. As a technical institute IIT Guwahati has always been a supporter of change, inventions, innovation and

new ideas. TEDxIITGuwahati reflects the same spirit and holds trust in the esteemed speakers to be a medium for change and for the speakers to turn the audience into harbingers of change.

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Binita Jain


From losing her husband to terrorists, to bravely emerging like a superwoman from the emotional trauma - Binita Jain has channelized her melancholy into unstoppable productivity. From getting multiple degrees, after getting married quite early in life, -to being a popular teacher in a coaching institute, from raising two children -to becoming the support system for her family and friends - she not only was the star winner of KBC but also won a million hearts with her performance.

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Arup Kumar Dutta


Arup Kumar Dutta is an award winning Indian writer, a lead columnist in Assam tribune, has authored many novels, short stories, articles, columns, satirical pieces, editorials. For his many literary achievements he has been awarded the Life Time Achievement Honour by Association of Writers and Illustrators for Children in 2014 and the Padma Shri award in 2018.

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Light After Dark

All Blind Music Band

Zoma Sailo, the founder of an all-blind band called ‘Light After Dark’, believed in the musical acumen of students at Bethany Society and encouraged the exceptional foursome - Lyngdoh (19, bass guitarist), Khongpai (21, drummer), Pajuh (23, guitarist), Nongklhaw (25, drummer and singer) to perform for the crowd. In his talk at TEDxIITGuwahati Sailo will share his thoughts on the need to start a meaningful and open dialogue on the issue of disability, following which the foursome will ignite the stage with their melodious talent.

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Alana Golmei


Alana Golmei, a lawyer with the spirit of a humanist, has been relentlessly helping the NE Indians via ‘The North East Support Centre & Helpline’ since 2007. Her meaningful efforts have touched over 600 lives directly, possibly many more and have helped sensitize the authorities regarding the issue. She also runs Pann Nu Foundation and was awarded the ‘DCW Achievement Award’ on the occasion of International Women’s Day in 2016.

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Milin Dutta

Trans Activist

From being born with a female body, to realising that he was different, to spreading awareness about different sexual orientations, Milin Dutta's journey has been quite eventful. He has contributed to spreading awareness about the LGBT community to the general public in the USA and India by being an active founder of various social groups such as ‘Out in the Backyard’ (USA) and ‘Xukia’ (Guwahati, India). His work in the Minnesota state even earned him the Community Leadership award winner in 2016.

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Anamika Barua


Anamika Barua, an Associate Professor of Ecological Economics at IIT Guwahati, is a keen enthusiast of emerging topics of water security, ecological footprint and transboundary water governance in an uncertain and changing world. Particularly, she sincerely believes in the reality of adverse climate change and its undeniable imminence. In the concept of the omnipresent taboos she sees an opportunity to give birth to a series of limiting rules, which can help hinder us in our incessant endeavour to harm the environment. When executed today, these set of rules can become the basis of awareness among people tomorrow, due to the unquestionable belief enjoyed by any generic taboo.

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Pragnya Ramjee

Winner of UnrestricTED

Pragnya Ramjee is an undergraduate B.Des Student at IIT Guwahati and in her own words is a ‘confused climber, devourer of books, mountains and hard terrains with a combination of raging curiosity and extreme tenacity’. Her unique experiences with people made her wonder whether being completely non-judgmental was even realistic. She intends to address the fundamental desire of each one of us to categorise things and humans and how the prevalent taboos are aiding in that process.

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